Orders Out Next Week! Posted 12 Aug 2018

I am a little behind on orders due to my overhauling the shop. Please bear with me. I'm almost there and will get everything out next week. Then I'll be adding new stuff to the store!

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Kebin Kontrol

All the holes are patched and my thumb is blocking a leak Posted 17 Apr 2018

Been a while since I checked in. We've been busy patching up holes on the site, and now it appears we're fully fixed. You're welcome to report any bugs we missed though, as one ER recently did and helped a ton! I had no idea there was an issue! I keep saying "we" but really I have Eric Millington to thank for his IT wizardry. That guy is amazing.

It has been insane since I got back from my trip to Japan last month. I've got a bunch of release slated for this year. Two are coming out next week! My band Punker In The Headlights, and one from Skapeche Mode guitarist Dave Parris.

Anyway gonna go have lunch with Ef By Stereo and give him some shirts I printed for him last night. Just wanted to pop my head in and say hey. I added a bunch to the store and still have a lot more. TTYS!

Bloop bleep blip bloop! Posted 27 Dec 2017

Aaaand the shop is connected to the outside world! Wooo! Having a little connectivity might seem like some everyday mundane shizzle, but for me it's the chance to finally be centralized. You don't even know. Up until this moment, I have been running between my shop and my apartment, collecting deliveries, making art, printing film, fulfilling orders, doing inventory... back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... gets tiring, man! All that running back and forth. All of a sudden I can do everything from one spot, and it's beautiful.

I love being at Kinky HQ. I can have the shittiest, most soul crushing day at the day job. Getting bitched out by jerks. My energy is drained, my outlook is negative. But something about KKHQ gives me new life. It's my own little universe. Even if I tell myself, nah, not today. Not gonna do shop stuff today. I need a night off. If I dare set foot in here, I immediately find a new groove and am amped up and can't wait to complete my next job. I really love everything I do here. Packaging up orders. Finding new rad stuff to peddle. Making shirts for you people is a thrill. Doing that last squeegee pull and boxing up the order gives me great satisfaction. I don't care how nerdy I sound. This is my dream. And watching it take shape day after day is pretty incredible. Like, I can't believe I'm allowed to do this.

I don't know why I waited so long. Fear? Uncertainty? I mean I still have all those things, but it's more like the feeling when you're about to jump out an airplane for your first free-fall than an immobilizing nightmare. Not that I've ever done the parachuting thing, but after this, maybe I will, mama. Maybe I will.

Anyway, this post is super rambley, just like my other one. I'm like a kid at Disneyland. I wanna go on all the rides and notice all the little details! EAT ALL THE CANDY!!!! This is the first time I've fired up the computer in the shop and saw everything worked. What a thrill! Believe it or not, I can't wait to dive into all the boring business stuff that makes a business elevate beyond hobby or lip service. This is it. Let's do this!

I gotta go coat some screens now so I can print limited edition Radioactive Chickenheads shirts tomorrow and some fish shirts for my neighbors. I gotta write to Pixelheap to help me give this Web site some more interactive features, like giving you the ability to share this dumb post on FB!! hahaha (YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!)

I gotta do so many things and I can't wait to do them all!! YESSSSS!!!


Kebin Kontrol

Grand Opening Free Shipping Code! Posted 09 Dec 2017

Thank you for visiting Kinky Kontrol on our happy and proud roll out! In celebration of our first month, we're offering free shipping on your first order with this discount code:


Type it in at checkout and get anything you want in the shop, and we'll pay the freight. Hurry though. It expires after the new year. Spread the word and let us know what you think of the new site!